About Us

We are Kreadiv Nadiv Concepts. KNC teams design, build, maintain, and restore trails and outdoor spaces creating uniquely memorable user experiences that highlight natural landscapes. Our trails tend to be feature rich and progressively playful, with options for everyone.

We are mindful makers creating sustainable, forward thinking solutions. Experiential opportunities are abound in the natural landscape, waiting to be transformed into feature rich parks and trail systems providing value to their communities. With a strong team of creatives and builders, KNC brings the knowledge and experience to craft these visions into reality.

Our diverse backgrounds allow us to present a range of custom tailored solutions for our clients’ needs.  By combining our unique style, modern building techniques, and old world craftsmanship with our passion for the natural environment, we create layers of experiences which keep users returning, season after season.

Stay tuned for updates!


Berm Creek trail in Bentonville, AR.